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The Goodman Group, Ltd. (TGG) is a consulting firm specializing in:

Since 1989, TGG has consulted and conducted economic research across a broad range of issues. Our North American-wide client base includes energy sector companies, regulators, government, customer groups, and environmental and indigenous groups. The common thread in TGG's consulting practice is the application of economic principles to provide studies, policy assessments, expert evidence, intervenor and litigation support for our various clients.

NEWS - Ian Goodman and Brigid Rowan of TGG recently filed expert testimony at Canada's National Energy Board on the relative economic costs and benefits of Enbridge's Line 9B Reversal and Line 9 Capacity Expansion Project:
Full report
Media briefing

TGG's Report evaluating the Keystone XL Draft Supplemental EIS Market Analysis was released on April 22, 2013, and filed as an attachment to the Comments jointly submitted by the Sierra Club, NRDC, and 14 other environmental and public interest organizations:
Report Evaluating the Adequacy of the KXL DSEIS Market Analysis

TGG and the Cornell Global Labor Institute previously co-authored an influential study of Keystone XL pipeline job impacts :
Pipe Dreams? Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost by the Construction of Keystone XL

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